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We are a sensory history company. Aided by historical sources and collaboration with experts, we provide an interpretation of our sensory past and an invitation to learn more about and experience moments in history—but through your senses.

And what exactly is sensory history? Just as you experience your world today, people of the past engaged all of their available senses. Their reality was just as vibrant and multisensory as your own, albeit one entirely of their own time. 

Sensory history examines the role that the senses have played in the past. While history can sometimes feel a bit one dimensional—reduced to a list of significant dates, events, and a handful of personalities who shaped the era—the study of sensory history offers a different perspective. 

It provides a deeper understanding of the past through an emphasis on the physical experiences of people. And it is arguably our best insight into how people of history experienced their multisensory lives.

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