Experience the alluring world of Egypt's last pharaoh. The KLEIO Cleopatra luxury candle recreates the Egyptian queen's famed perfume, a fragrance so seductive that William Shakespeare recounted its potency: 

"Purple the sails, and so perfumed that
The winds were love-sick with them;"

Based on extensive research, this sensory history experience will transport you back more than two thousand years to this ancient ruler's private world. The candle's vessel label features authentic Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs with variants of Cleopatra's name, all accented in luminous gold.

SENSORY HISTORY AROMAS: Myrrh, Ancient Pine Resin, Cassia, and Cinnamon Dust

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KLEIO relies on the incredible scholarship of historians—from ancient to present day—who have produced detailed texts, books, and first-hand accounts on sensory history.

When researching potential KLEIO concepts, we pore over scores of sources—and collaborate with experts—to ultimately create our interpretation of a select sensory moment in time.

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Large Luxury Candle

  • 10 oz net weight (283 gm)
  • 3.75" tall and 4" diameter
  • Double Wicks
  • Burn time 55+ hours, which adjusts to 0.70 cents per hour of time travel
  • Hand-finished glass vessel and lid

KLEIO candles are hand finished, featuring hand-applied gold and silver leaf and a robust, heavy-base glass vessel. Each vessel is truly one of a kind—no two are alike.

KLEIO candles are phthalate free and dye free. Our fragrance oils are free of carcinogens, mutagens, and reproductive toxins. Each candle features a proprietary coconut apricot wax blend, fragrance oils sourced from perfumeries throughout the world, and high-quality cotton wicks designed to provide an optimal burn. We use a high fragrance-to-wax ratio, resulting in a powerful aromatic experience.

We are grateful for the overwhelming interest and support in KLEIO. We are a small business that creates handcrafted sensory history experiences. 

Due to increased order volume, our current order processing window is approximately three to four weeks from the order date. This is subject to change based on order volume. We are working hard to reduce our processing time as quickly as possible.

We deeply appreciate your patience and support.

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